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Nerdy is nothing to be ashamed of. I am an out and proud nerd. Nerds make the world go round with fabulous, time saving, clever ideas like this. You are too cool.
Luck! Let us know how it holds
A related question: I bought a 115 tip, the giant tip that doesn't fit any coupler I have. I couldn't get a point for the life of me, but using the same icing, could with the smaller I assume it wasn't the thickness that was wrong. Does anyone have any tips for using the giant leaftip?
I asked the same in a recent thread and someone said she could make about 2 of the big, full bloom roses with individual petals, but about 10-14 of the roses using the 5 petal cutter. She did 5 at once, hung them upside down, did 5 more, then went back to the first 5 and fluffed the petals and so on.
Me too please! It is one of my missions in life, to find the ultimate caramel sauce/filling recipe!
Great thread! I've always wondered this too.
That's blimmin hillarious!
I love that!! but i think of half of my family as more of an STD. [/quote]
Assuming it is partly out of the goodness of her heart, why don't you supply her with a mass amount of business cards? That way, she could spread the love at full price!Yeah, family, they're a birth defect you just have to learn to live with.
Not with caking, but studying, when I have to be up till 3am with an assignment (much the same, can't concentrate/work well with humans hanging off me lol), I tend to tell hubby exactly what I need. I used to say 'I need your help tonight' but that got me just some help. Now I say "I need you to take over the kids tonight. I need you to bath them, feed them, do the homework reading and tidy the kitchen. Can you do this for me to study? I will just sit and do my assignment...
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