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Never a truer thing said. Heed this people, in cake, and all of life!
Isn't that interesting!!??!! I want your computer skills!!But why would someone do that?For the love of all that is good, whyyyyy??
I think that would be alright...if a bloke takes you out to dinner and you give him something a little later, after the fact, to show your appreciation.... I think the advice on this thread is sound. To the OP, you will find that this is a prickly issue, but that generally, people just don't want others to get pinged for violating any laws, and don't want to be undercut and have their livelihood threatened by illegal cakesters. I am going to do the same thing with...
I read somewhere to make sure underneath blue piping gel is white otherwise the other colour shows through and interferes with the blue.That tonic water idea rocks!!
Sometimes sisters think that being related gives them the right to be just plain ole mean. And she was plain ole mean. But being a sister also gives you the right to have her up about it. Love the suggestions. I'd just say 'You do it then, Go awwwn, you do it' and stand there with my arms folded waiting.
Hell yeah! If I were doing this as a business, standard 1x2x4 inch servings. For my family, they'd just blink, and insult me on how stingy I was...and I am by no means a fattie To be honest, most 'fatties' I know would eat less chocolate and cake than I do, both generally and in a sitting.Maybe the term was 'cake hog'? I'll confess to being a skinny cakehog.
Haha, just had to say, I know someone who is doing cakes without health department ok, and I thought about telling her about CC...and kept my mouth shut.Others are right: she will get caught, she will get pinged, she will stuff up at some stage, and hopefully you will have a great client base and be ready to fill the gap.
when I think of shipping cupcakes, I think of something like those cup holders you get takeaway drinks in, either tight enough they don't move, or with small spikes in the lid, like those big cake boxes you can get. Just a thought.
You handled it really well. There's just no pleasing some people
Wow. Just wow. Thanks for letting us know how you do it. I was wondering too, not in a doubting way, more in a 'pick my jaw up off the floor' kinda way.I don't think we turn over that many cakes in the whole of the frickin North Island!Lol.Good for you. Awesome.
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