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Just wanting to vent here. I've studied at degree level. The plan was to finish off with teaching, do it part time, and try to get good enough to have a cake business. After years of trying and searching, I have fallen madly, truly in love with cakes. I believe that with passion and commitment, I can do it, not to mention there are not many around our area, and none south of here. And some are good, but some just...ok. So anyhow, my mum knows this. But she said today that...
I've used all butter, it was fine. If it's very hot, shortening and butter mix holds up better because shortening is not soft at room temp the same way butter is. But they have both worked for me. If it is very hot and using all butter, putting on a thinner layer will mean less under there to slide down and bulge. HTH.
There's an edible varnish in here for the smaller bits, search the recipes. Some people use a food spray I think, that oil spray. I live in another country so don't know the name, sorry.I've read that steaming it can do that too, because the heat melts the sugar in the fondant a little, making it shiny. Something like a little handheld clothes steamer. HTH.
I love my 5petal cutter for making quick roses, do three rounds and there you go. Makes it speedy and easy to graduate the colour. Use with cornflour/icing sugar mix 50/50 as the cornflour doesn't dry out as fast. I dry them in egg cartons, didn't use wire, just did the core and one round of petals, then left sitting upsidedown in an egghole while I did two more the same, then back to the first for round two of the petals, repeat, then round three I dry right way up with...
Hey Mr Builder, I'd like you to build my new house. Your portfolio and reputation are great. But I'm still not sure. Please build me a playhouse for my kids, complete with carved accents and a letterbox free of charge. (So I can rip you off).Not normal here or anywhere. If you had to decide between 5 providers, you have 5 free cakes? Don't think so!She is just unbelievably rude. Unbelievably.
Yeah, she's not being nice. The wedding cake I did went from 100 to 200 overnight and that was unexpected, couldn't be helped, but they offered to pay for ingredients, or let me do cupcakes and were going to buy me an impression mat, they were broke and really wanting to get married but they would have busted a gut to help with the expense if I'd needed. If I'd asked them to buy pans, they would have. Be straight up with her, a favour is a favour but that is far beyond the...
I think it's piped because when I look closely, I can see all the texture along the edges.
The pic that comes to my mind is a different colour scheme, black with gold/bronze accents, like those clockwork type cakes.
I usually make mine a little softer than I would have it to roll out too as it stiffens up in the fridge, I test it the next day. It also gets stiffer over time and I guess it's the cold too, so if I make it a little soft, it's just right by the time I use it.
Did you whip it enough? I made IMBC tonight and thought mine was going to be too runny, then all of a sudden it came together, thick and whipped.
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