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Doesn't change the taste, changes the texture lots. I had some leftover flowers, my kids and I tried them out of curiosity. Apart from dry (not nice) they go slimy in the mouth due to the stiffening agent (really not nice!). If you get a bit of tylose stiffened fondant between your fingers and rub it under water to dissolve, you will feel what I mean. Or just eat some
Congratulations. That is a really stunning cake, and you deserve the recognition. Awesome work.
I am filled with gratitude.I took a cake to my nephew, and my sister loved it, made me smile (he is a *real* teenager and doesn't speak anymore lol).Yes, jobs appropriate for your intellect huh? Love that idea I know that I am very lucky, I am academically skilled, but it's not where my heart is. I am so appreciative of this support, that I can take the practical steps so as to have money in the meantime, knowing that you guys don't think me mad for having a dream.I wish...
I think I see where you are coming from with the 'put kids through their education'. That is not typical here, pretty much unheard of. Mum didn't, I have my own student loan. If she did, it might be a little different.
Narie: all that is true, and I am more temperamentally suited to cakes than teaching.But Revel, that *is* very sound advice, and what I would tell my kids too. I think that is a good idea. I thought about maybe relief teaching (loads of work all the time, never dries up) because after 3 years of study, it will take only one more year to complete my education. It was more that I was hurt by the 'lala land' comment, because I don't think that it will be easy, but I also...
And Deb I can see it now. Yep, 'Just' iced wouldn't cut it huh?
Yeah yay for you!! Good luck! That's awesome, selling before you open
Thank you all for your support. I must say, I am heartened by the understanding you have (all but one) shown. I don't want to find myself in that position, having to stay in a job that isn't my passion and watching life go by. And you are so right Deb, look at you! The other way around!To the poster who thinks it's disrespectful of me to say this: you are one odd cat! Did you not see that I can see the love behind her comments? Actually, logic argues the opposite: if I DID...
I have no idea, sounds really odd to happen if it was thick when you put it on. But here's a bump and hoping you can keep it together (the cake I mean) till serving.
I'm a bit busy to find the link but google wilton serving guide and it will tell you how many pieces you get, so see if it is big enough to cut what you want. If it is, then cut in slices 2 inches wide, and lie the slice down, then cut 1 inch wide bits so it is 1x2x4 inches each piece. HTH.
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