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Hi all,I've just started using a mixer and instant puddings in my cakes and I'm having trouble with air pockets in the cooked cake, leaving holes 0.5 to 1 cm wide. What is the science behind cake holes, how do I avoid it? It happens with every cake I do, the better white scratch cake from here, vanilla cake from the mermaid bakery from here too, and my choc cake. I've always made things by hand, and never had the problem. How much are you meant to beat regular cakes (ie:...
A similar question...not meaning to hijack, how do you stick it to the cake? I've been wondering. I always thought (before doing cakes) that you'd just stick a pin in it but now I'm wondering if you use a bit of glue or what? Or a pin and just be REALLY sure the servers take it out? I wouldn't think that would be safe but can't think how else to do it.
True. We don't do the full shortening BC thing here. I come from the country of butter remember, so my tastebuds are a little biased lol.
Never tried, but I'd think not because shortening (at least over here) doesn't whip as smoothly or easily as butter, and the taste would be bleah. IMO of course, some people prob love it. What about a dark ganache with minimum cream in it, just enough to get it on the cake? Or a choc wrap with BC? Not really silky, but an alternative maybe.
I like that thinking.
For my first and only wedding cake, they wanted carrot cake. I thought from what I read it was too hard for a first. I did end up making a 3 tier in sturdy cakes, choc, almond and vanilla, then made a 8 inch carrot with creamcheese frosting for them at their table. They loved it so much she hid it and took it home Decorated to match. Just an idea.
Just an idea, I've seen that lots of people seem to use creme bouquet for wedding cake frosting. Is this maybe what she means? Because I think of that as a wedding thing, but we don't get it here so that's why I've put it in that category. Or traditional wedding cake: fruit cake, RI?? Yep, I'd ask her, since your psychic abilities are failing you today
I used this recipe this weekend and coloured it in 3 batches, different colours. I just stirred in gel colour with a soft spatula, one of the rubber ones. The excess air can occur if you don't create that vacuum when mixing. I only had a little air but the rubber spatula helped work them out. HTH.
You can use whatever you normally use, ganache, fondant over bc, bc, you just pipe a dam around the area to be filled so it doesn't smoosh out into your covering. HTH.
Minicuppie, I can't imagine doing cakes after a 12 hour shift in such a taxing job. That's awesome. Are you ever tempted to study/work at Marine Biology now?
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