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Yep, the above poster said it well: it tastes like regular bc to me, with more the mouthfeel of smbc, and fluffy to boot. Lovely stuff, but to me, smbc is a novelty and I love it as is, otherwise I like crusting frostings.
I used the full quota of meringue powder, and it crusted so lightly that I couldn't use paper towel, or roller, and it was so fluffy (they're not kidding when they say light and fluffy) that I couldn't get the air out even with a lot of defluffing with a spatula before hand. Tasty, but more like smbc in texture. Might have been our temps/humidity here but crusting didn't happen enough for it to be useful for me. HTH.
However, when you work out the total cost of the cakes, you might be surprised...perhaps they could be friendly and drop by a few bags of powdered sugar, some butter...let them know what you need for ingredients. That way, you are helped with the cost, get the experience, and it might not be considered payment. (I'm in NZ though so don't count on it lol)
I find that vege shortening does that more than all butter bc's because it stays firm at a higher temp, butter melts easier, I think that's why all butter doesn't stick to your mouth as much.
Indy: eh? You were paid in TV?? Eh? Hi, I'd like a family value pack please. Sure, that'll be $39.95, cash, efpos or credit card? Uh, do you take TV?? As for baking in someone elses kitchen, I can't speak about legalities, but to me, they are not purchasing your product (cake),they are purchasing your services (chef). However, if someone gets a whopping great dog hair in in because of their unsanitary house (not sayin it is, just a worse case here) then they...
I mean filled with another filling, not filled with this batch. I made a whipped choc ganache and pound cake, yum!
The verdict is in from my side So: I made a half batch, it was *just* enough to cover 2x 8 inch rounds, torted and filled. I could have done with more, and def more for the piping I want to do. I used all butter, salted butter (unsalted costs almost as much as gold here). If I made it again, I'd not put in the salt, there was enough in the butter. When I'd made it, it had the consistency of thickly whipped cream. Looked just like it too. It was tasty, to me, seemed...
I was curious, so I've just made a half batch with all butter. I'll let you know how it goes, frosting soon, after my cuppa
Cakemaker, could you please share the recipe? It sounds too tasty.
Thanks guys! I do one drop, clearly, I need to get in there and give it a few more! I'll also have a good look at that link. Knew it'd be in here somewhere
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