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I think it was the first, itsn't it gorgeous. And the second link is just great. Not the one but fun to look Thanks guys.
Hi all,I have lost a few pics that I love, and blog listings. A member on here had a blog, name 'sweet' in the title maybe. They did a cake with a trellis and I think white birds. It won an award. I think they also had one that had pears, and some were cut so you could see the inside, made from fondant. If it's you, please let me know! I'd love to find the blog again. Sorry I don't have pics, but if it was so memorable I'm hoping someone knows the blog. Thanks.
To get smooth bc I use hot cream. To get red, it's good to start witha dark pink first then add the red, I've found that easier to get a dark colour that way.
I don't use clear and it's fine. Otherwise the MFF recipe on here is great.
Write and ask her and check. Make sure you have the right idea and get her to confirm in writing
It's all I use, works fine.
That cake was awesome! I just wish the background was better too, because it was such a neat cake that I wanted to see the details properly. great work!
We can't get dream whip here, I use sugarshacks recipe.
Leave to firm up 10 mins then flip onto rack. I learned the hard way that yep, if you wait too long, the fat does resolidify, as mentioned above, and you lose half your cake.
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