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The cake is fine, thank you for asking. I gently scraped off as much as i could and recovered it. I seem to have a crumb problem and need the crumbcoat. Hopefully someday i'll be able to omit this step as it's pain in my rump.
funny you should ask that because i JUST finished doing that very thing. i rolled my fondant decorations very thin and used a little piping gel. worked like a charm!
Well, since no one answered, I'll take the liberty of posting a follow-up in case anyone else has this problem. I definately learned the hard way not to refridgerate your cake after you've crumb coated it, as once the icing gets "wet", it will never crust again. I scraped off as much as I could with a bench scraper and started over. ...Live and learn I guess.
Ok, I need some help! I baked 2 cakes on Tuesday, crumb coated them and put them in the refridgerator. I took them out of the fridge early this morning to ice them, and now...SIX hours later, the crumb coat is still wet from sweating. How long will it take for them to dry out so I can ice them. OR, can I just apply the icing now? HEEELLLPPPPP!!!!!
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