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Thanks! I did just go through it, and I just had to make a few adjustments. Thanks! Not sure if you noticed and it has since been corrected, but the Taxes section isn't numbered. Thanks for taking the time to convert it and share it with us
I think that was one that a member modified. I liked that one too, but my attorney thought Doug's (with a few modifications) would better suit my business. Thanks, though!
Does anyone have Doug's original document in a Word format? I tried to convert it from the pdf file, but it's not working! It looks like Doug hasn't been on in awhile. Thanks!
I love my cuisinart! It's smaller than a kitchen aid and easily fits under my low cabinets. I love love love the timer feature as well.
I've done them before for my daughters' baptisms and some birthdays. I only did one oreo per guest (they were on a stick) and no one complained. Especially if they are favors and not intended to be dessert, I think you can get away with just one. I had 100 guests and also made the cake so I really didn't have time to make two or more per person.
In the middle of making a full choc wasc mix and only have a little more than 1 cup sour cream. There's an ice storm today and I'm not leaving my house anytime soon! I only have vanilla yogurt to you think I should use that or add oil? I'm just baking for my sil so if its a bust, its ok!
I've used this recipe before, and everyone loves it: husband doesn't like fruit, and suggested I use a toasted coconut filling (made with Rich's bettercreme) which is a surprisingly good combo. Sometimes I add toasted almonds as well.
I didn't season my mat (didnt feel like digging the crisco out), and it worked fine. No pock marks either. I use Satin Ice Fondant.
Thanks for your responses. I just saw them,for some reason I didn't get a notification about them. The size of the cake was changed to a 6/8 and I didn't feel comfortable suspending him on wire ( I made a figurine), so he was sitting on the cake board like he just landed. Thanks again!
I know the stand can hold 144 cupcakes, but can anyone tell me how many can fit on each tier? Thanks!
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