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what about something with the school's name or initials? or a mascot?
not unless you get permission from the company first. I've contacted companies to do something similar ( a food product), and gotten the OK. Personally I think it's worth the time it takes you to e-mail or make the call if you want to make it.
you might try using glace as the "filling" of the glass parts. Glace is much more transparent-looking than RI, so it might give you the look you are going for and still be a tasty option.
thank you all for your responses! That's what I thought, but before I get to work on it I just wanted to be sure it would stay hard and dry.
I replace the milk with sour cream and add espresso powder, but I haven't changed the leaveners yet, and it sinks in large pans. Thanks - I'll definitely give those leavener switches a try next time!
I'm making a not-to-be-eaten decoration for a cake out of gum paste (I bought the pre-made stuff) and I want it to be totally dry and hard. I know I can make it as much in advance as I'd like, but my question is how can I store it so that the humidity doesn't make it soft again... or will gum paste, once dry, remain that way even if stored in an airtight container? I would like to keep it in a plastic box for about a week after it's dry before I need to use it. Will...
thank you both for your replies! as far as the thickness of the fondant, what do you suggest? I'm guessing it has to be thick enough to stretch some as I'm smoothing it, but too think will make it too heavy, which will lead to tearing, right?
I'm not very experienced working with fondant. I don't make them often and I've only done regular shaped cakes before, but I do feel like I've got a handle on that.I'm working on a display cake that is shaped sort of like a bullet... tall sides and a dome on top. I'd like to cover it in fondant with no seams, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the fondant because it keeps tearing.Are there tricks or tips for this that anyone can share with me? Any advice would be...
very nice!
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