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I ordered one a few days ago off of Amazon for $69. It's still listed but is now $74.95.
I make a cherry cake using a white cake mix and the WASC recipe.1 box white cake mix1 c. flour1 c. sugar1 c. sour cream3 eggs1 jar marschino cherries, choppedJuice from the cherries plus water to make 1 c. of liquid1 T vanillaVery moist and great cherry flavor
I am also considering this and am already talking to them. Would love any input you could give me. Thanks!
I have used the Perfect Red Velvet Cake recipe several times and gotten rave reviews on it. It has a distinct chocolate flavor to it since it has chocolate pudding, cocoa and melted chocolate but it is wonderful! did a cake yesterday with this and the customer e-mailed back that the cake was "to die for!"
I got a "Sugar Arts" magazine at Jo-Ann's a few weeks ago that had an adorable half pipe and skateboarder cake. It's a British magazine but I also saw the same one at Borders bookstore. Maybe you can take a look in there.
www.customcakesbypenny.comJust started. I got the website up yesterday and I'm starting the process of the licensing. Don't crucify me for having it up before the licensing comes. Gotta pay for it somehow!
Thanks for the help. I have looked all over the web and here for this info and couldn't find it. I appreciate the help. I found an Expressions Cricut on Craig's List with 4 cartridges for $90. Maybe I'll get that one.
Can you cut fondant/gumpaste with the smaller (less expensive) cricut machines or is there something special about the Cricut cake? I would love to have the big one but can't afford it right now. I have looked for this topic on the boards but not found it. Is there something special about the cricut cake blades or mats that would make it not possible on the smaller ones? Is it a foodsafe issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I used self rising flour by accident in a pound cake recipe that didn't call for any leavening and it made a huge mess in my oven when it overflowed. The texture was very soft and wouldn't hold up from what I needed so I had to rebake. Bread flour may not affect it too much. Just try it and see when it cools and you trim it.
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