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HI everyone, im also in Texas (rio grande valley) and have a question on sanitary standards. I like to try "visit" local bakeries here in town and get a "feel" for how they operate and what they have to offer. Well i went to one not to long ago and i swear it looked like a sweat shop! The walls were dingy and i swear i saw cobwebs and there was no a/c. The place was extremely hot and all they had was the windows opened. Is this legal? There werent any cakes out on display...
Hi there, Why not just do a transfer of the transformers logo? Would that work?
THanks everyone for thier help. I decided to ask and he wanted "worms coming out of the cake with dirt (oreos) on top". So know it makes more sense!thanks!Bluelamp1
HI everyone, My cousin wants a "dirt cake" for his party next week, but ive never heard of it? Anyone care to enlighten me?Thanks in advance!Bluelamp1
oooooooo! that does sound good! Im going to have to give it a try! Thanks everyone for the help! I'll keep yall posted!Thanks!
Happy Holidays everyone!!I have a cake order for a coconut birthday cake for next monday. Does anyone know how to make 1)coconut buttercream AND 2)cocnut cream to fill in between the layers? Thanks in advance!Bluelamp1
Great job!
LMAO!!! "depends!" LOL! THanks everyone for their suggestions! I *still* havent decided, but we'll see!Thanks!
Oh fun! OK, If you ask anyone who knows me, theyll all tell you the same thing, that im a massive stevie nicks/fleetwood mac fan. (long live the 70s and 80s i say!) So when it came time to pick a name, my favorite stevie nicks solo song, "Blue Lamp", was playing in the background. So i chose "Bluelamp". Its a typical early 80s rock chick song. Its also on the "Heavy MEtal" movie soundtrack. (lol lord in a dork!). THe number means nothing as i just felt it needed...
HI!ntertaynme, how hard it is to make petit fours? ive always wondered how they make those!andlilladycreation, thanks for the link! i looked around that site but i dont think they offer classes here in texas. DARN!Thanks everyone!
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