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You may want to read this before putting disco dust on your cookies:
If you are in the US where everything is easily available why rush out and but stuff just in case, wait till you get an actual order then you can justify the expense. I personally purchased cutters that I loved and NEVER used them for orders. The 101 kits are great for the price you are bound to use at lease 10% of them which is the cost of buying them individually. Here is a link that shows Wilton's 50 piece animal...
This might interest you:
To start off why not visit your local dollar store and get some squeeze bottles there you'll know if this is an option for you. I started off using squeeze bottles but stopped, the cleanup was killing me and I could never use up all the icing like I can in a pipping bag.
I think this is the hardest way to make a profit since they will expect a low price to be able to markup the cookies and make a profit themselves. Cost out your ingredients and make sure to time how long it takes you to make the cookies also your water & electricity in there. If it is just choc chip cookies maybe you could get some ready made batter that you could simply bake and then perhaps you'll have a chance to make some money.
Icing consistency is very important but so is good old fashioned practice, I see you use rolled buttercream on your cookies maybe these videos could help you:
The moisture from your icing is being absorbed by your cookie, you need to dry the icing faster before the water gets into your cookies try using a fan or a dehumidifier.
If you have an airbrush you may be interested in this transfer technique
maybe try a different brand?
Thanks for clearing that up, very impressive thing you are doing
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