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Hello, was wondering how to make this cake look like a tree? Airbrushed or painted?   thanks!!!! Jenna
Thank you for your replies and well wishes. Both my husband and I work for a printing company. I'll still have his insurance thankfully. I was definitely planning on a part time job to supplement. I've been doing cakes part time for quite a while now. Leah_s do you enjoy your food truck? I know there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get it going..
Hello. I've been doing cakes for friends and family the last 5 years while I've been at my full time job. My employer has made some life altering decisions to change the company which in turn affects employees. I feel like this is a sign that I need to just go full force into my Caking. I've already been in the talks with health department to sell at farmers markets ect. and be able to promote ...
thank you for responding! !! I am soooo excited to go !!! But just to be clear, do I need to be a member to do the $50 one day pass?
Hello! I just found out there will be an ICES convention a couple hours away from me next weekend and id love to go but its pricey for short notice to stay all weekend. They have a day pass to look at vendors for $50. Just wondering if anyone had done that? I wanted to make sure it was worth it before my husband and I drove a ways and paid $100. Any tips or info would be appreciated! Thanks! Jenna
Hello! So I have made chocolate covered strawberries numerous times without fail, but this last time I made them, the next morning all the strawberry juice had oozed out and made a nasty mess. Some we're on top of cupcakes and broke the frosting. What would cause this. I did them same as I always have.
No photo reference. I've been looking and looking. Comic book
Hello! So I am in desperate need to figuring out how to do a batman skyline on a wedding cake? They are adamant on it being airbrushed...which I have to add that I own a fat daddio airbrush but haven't quite figured out how to use it! Anyway, do you know of anyway I can airbrush that on a cake or any other effect I can do to put skyline on the side of the cake? Thanks in advance!
Hello! I was trying to find some tutorials on strictly Buttercream flowers. Any ideas? Thanks!
Hello! So I was wanting to see about making my own cupcake stand that would royghly hold 200-250 cupcakes. I've been looking for good tutorials but cant seem to find any. Does anyone know of any good ones are?Thanks!
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