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I've used this icing before and this is the first time it reacted like this. I like using this because I can usually get a semi smooth look ( which is what I wanted since I was going for an under water cake ) so I didn't want it perfectly smooth but not that rough.
no the texture didn't change after I added the chocolate, it was still smooth and fluffy. It was when I started putting it on the cake, I think because the cake was frozen. When I have time I'll try doing the same icing and frozen cake but maybe keep some hot water and towel near to dip my spatula in and see what happens.
in response to the last part of this, I'm not a rude person and I'm not offended by your answer, that's why I posted the question was to get honest answers I could learn from as long as the person answering isn't saying something just to be mean. As far as the icing being pitted it had melted white chocolate that when it touched the cake hardened up. How do I get a smooth finish on it I usually frost the cakes when they are frozen and didn't know this icing would react...
Yes she wanted it for 30 according to Wilton's chart a 10 and 6 would serve 39 in wedding slices so she would be able to give a little larger slices plus they were going to have another cake also because her boyfriend has a favorite cake that he was bringing
She supplied the characters, but I made all of the  flowers, rocks, seaweed, coral etc. The cake was 10 inch on the bottom and 6 in on top with vanilla mouse and fresh strawberry filling and white chocolate frosting.
Before I started decorating cakes and cookies I hadn't purchased a cake from a bakery in about 25 years so a nice cake was 35 - 75 dollars.   Now when I bake a cake for some one I have a horrible time naming a price. The last cake I made I charged $125 and the woman was thrilled with the price. Did I way under charge? Here's the picture.
I've seen cakes or cupcakes that are baked in a can so they are taller than a cupcake. could you bake some of those, wrap fondant around to look like a diaper then put those around the round cake layers. just an idea.
If you feel you must reply back just tell her that date has been filled and is no longer available for you to do a cake for her. ( you don't have to tell her it has been filled with a relaxation day for yourself or a cake order you may get later.)
I've made a wrestling ring cake and it is in my gallery. If I remember right I went to michael's and bought a very thin wooden dowel in the wood craft section. When I got home I painted it with red food coloring or, I think I just put some of the food coloring on seran wrap then wrapped that around the dowel and moved it up and down vs painting with a brush. After that take a clean dish towel you don't mind staining and wipe off the excess.
wouldn't the pvc pipe that they use for home plumbing be safe, I mean the water we drink from the sink runs thru them doesn't it?
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