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I found another good tip to 'freshen' them is to hold them very briefly under the steam of a boiling kettle. Just wave them quickly through the steam to get a bit of shine - do not let them get wet.Just a thought....
Great job! I am only learning also and it is only as I start to do things I realise how much there really is out there. I think you have done a wonderful job for only your second cake and I agree that it is a great idea to have pictorial representation of your progress.Have fun with the next one!
Lovely roses on the top. Nothing like something homemade for Fathers and Mothers.Enjoy your cake decorating journey!
Absolutely no problem to cover it a week ahead. You can do them way in advance, just make sure they are covered loosely so they don't get dusty!
Hi Kathik, I usually cover all my boards with fondant at least 2 days before I place my cake onto it. The board needs at least a day to set hard so it doesn't indent when you put the cake on.Day 1 = make cake, cover board, make ganache and decorations.Day 2 = fill and ganache cake.Day 3 = cover cake with fondant, place on board, add decorations.I hope this was the sort of help you were after?Harper.
This is my first post on this forum and I just had to reply because the exact same thought has gone through my head so many times over the past few months. I am completely new to cakes and decorating but I have been reading and reading these forums for about 6 months with such joy and interest at the amazing skills to be learned. What an exciting journey I have in front of me.I really feel for those of you with so many years of practice, experience, successes and...
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