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I would agree with the last post with doing the battlefield, that would be cool. It's a circle with the cornucopia in the center. With the 24 platforms all around. Make small weapons and do not forget Katniss' bow & arrow. You definitly have to include the mocking jay symbol.Actually if you get time to read the books do so. They are amazing, I couldn't put them down. Good luck and please post the picture as I'd love to see it.
does anybody know where I can find an Iron Man character cake pan? Can't seem to find one or any ideas on Iron Man cake for a 3 year old's birthday.
well here it is, I think I finally figured it out though I now know the mistakes I made and how to fix them, after 4 attempts at making a hot air balloon cake topper the 5th attempt sort of can judge by the picture posted on cake central under misc 3d cakes.....if you want instructions on how I did this please email me and I will be happy to tell you. I would love feed back on what you think of the final cake. Tks.
has anyone figured out how to do a hot air balloon as a cake topper? I'm on my 5th attempt and actually need it for this sunday, boohoo. I tried the paper mache method gum paste over a balloon and let the air out slowly out of the balloon once the gum paste dried but the gum paste didn't hold up, collapsed as the air went out of the balloon....tried again but popping the balloon and the gum paste almost shattered....3rd attempt I molded the balloon from rice krispies...
funny that you are trying to make a hot air balloon as well, I have tried a couple of things and on my third, I think this time it should work. I tried the paper mache idea, it was my 1st thought, but when the gum paste is wet it is too heavy for the balloon to hold up making it difficult to cover, so on to next idea....I took the gum paste and formed it over a 1/2 ball pan and thought if I attach pcs to it to form the sides but again no go. My next attempt is to use the...
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