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Do you mean.........  Do you like black icing in a cake?     No i dont. doesnt look appetizing
Bright idea must give it a try
Thanks Denette. that's what I have been doing. my folks don't like when I put too much icing. there have been times when I cut off a couple of mm so that I don't have to  waste so much icing!    thanks once again.
I know its easier with a cutter. if I had to do it , I would cut out a template on cardboard and cut it out with a scalpel. the little holes, I will make it with a no. 4 tip before placing on the cake. as for the bigger dots (not the biggest) a no. 12tip, place them on the frill and then put it on the cake. ae nd for the biggest spots the back of an 1M tip.  there you have it.
When I make  a cake, it shrinks about 1 cm or a wee bit more all round. its normal isn't it? my question is,  do you, just keep filling the sides to fit the cardboard circle or cut it to size (specially for buttercream cakes).  how do you tackle this, may I know please. thanks.
Just a suggestion only. I have done only guitar cakes in the wiltons pans. if I had to do an electric guitar. I will cut out a guitar shaped board in plywood, mdf, etc. and build my cake on that. that should support the neck. you should find templates on the internet.
Use some cardboard for the top and cover in fondant on both sides. as for the icing peeling off, I am sure a bit would peel off - no big deal.
Just for the future use a pin with a dark coloured plastic head. that way you will notice it better. where there any airpocket s  when you placed the last layer of fondant on the cake? cos if so, the pin couldn't have gone into the fondant if you used it to release the air pockets. I never ever leave the pin down. I prick it on to my apron and I am very cautious of it.. now I will be even more cautious, after reading your post. good luck
Minimum 100/= plus what u paid for the flowers. if its a mud cake, u might charge more. lets see what the other have to say. just my 2c worth.
Thanks. cakemommy.   T he dummy will be covered in black fondant. my worry is, if I was to place the image eg. on Thursday and give the cake on Saturday, will anything happen to the edible image? I want to cover the dummy in fondant and keep it ready for the image. my fear is also, the person printing it, incase they print it smaller or bigger , I will be in trouble. I have put the image on a disc, when I print It  on paper its the exact size, when I send it via email and...
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