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Posts by suzied  try thisf site on utube.   as for the ruffles never done it before. seems like straight long pieces which have been thinned out at the edge. i see a lot of  this design cakes on CC. some one should be able to able to help you further.
Try using four pieces of wax paper underneath yr cake and covering yr board . once u have finished crumb coating, icing, etc  pull the four pieces out and do yr border. when u place the wax paper, place it closer to the edge, but still underneath the cake
Not sure of what you are trying to say.....  I have just started using an oven thermometer (aldi brand)  to reach 180 C  it takes about 18minutes to preheat to that temperature on electric (not gas)
Whenever i try making red, it comes out like this, orangy-red - never red-red.  try americolour red and knead it into white fondant. try with a little bit of fondant and see how it goes.  or take some satin ice red and add a bit of orange into it. i am no expert, keep experimenting a little at a time. you should get a close enough colour to match it.
Great idea. must give it a try.
Not really sure. what sort of  cake is it made of .  maybe  60/= to 75/=
How strange, i was thinking the same reading the above posts. the moment you push the rod through, pieces of foam would go into the next cake. how do you avoid this? The above cake, looks  like dummies have been used to  separate each tier.
All these years i have been making butter cakes, ribbon cakes, and just found out that they are all "pound cakes" - equal quantities. Love it.
Can someone pls direct me to a site or tell me how many serving does a no. 6 cake pan  and No. 0, gives.  does someone have a chart for these number pans.  looking for an approximate no. pls. It will be helpful not only to me if we can compile this information some where on CC, for future reference. If you have made these no. cakes 0 to 8 in the shaped cake tins, pls let me know. thanks.
Just a thought. if there are 60 people all wont eat cake. from my experience, these figures serves about 25 pcs each (coffee size. th e nos. are about 14" in height. if you dont want to use the  no. 5 and No. o pans you can make  15x13 rectangular pans and cut out the the numbers
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