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No I don't use a. crusting b.cream.  my b.cream is all butter  (I am not a professional)   I don't spread too much b.cream over the sides.
Not done it. but if you can write with chocolate, why not with candy melts
Whats Red RI ?
Why don't you try painting the shoe with red colouring once its dry.
No it doesn't show through. its a wee bit messy at the bottom, I have noticed but that be overcome using a fondant ribbon or fabric. but it does not show through - from my experience. I haven't done a  cake for a wedding but have done tiered cakes. hth
Try wiltons rose pink.  someone on this site said   rose pink + touch of purple. HTH
just found this on the internet. make it in a horse shoe pan. i am sure each should serve 30pcs. i have this pan.  try thisf site on utube.   as for the ruffles never done it before. seems like straight long pieces which have been thinned out at the edge. i see a lot of  this design cakes on CC. some one should be able to able to help you further.
Try using four pieces of wax paper underneath yr cake and covering yr board . once u have finished crumb coating, icing, etc  pull the four pieces out and do yr border. when u place the wax paper, place it closer to the edge, but still underneath the cake
Not sure of what you are trying to say.....  I have just started using an oven thermometer (aldi brand)  to reach 180 C  it takes about 18minutes to preheat to that temperature on electric (not gas)
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