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Just got my kenwood KM023    works beautifully. it has a 1500 watt motor  all stainless steel.  my previous mixer too was a kenwood - still running after almost 20yrs!!
I have never coloured a sponge cake. I am sure a tear drop of colour added to it wont cause any harm
Nothing bad should happen to it.  what filling are you using in the cake? anything perishable like cream cheese? if not it should be ok.  what cake are you making, sponge, buttercake etc?
Nothing to stop you doing the rossettes only at the top.  its nicer with the rossettes on the sides as well.
I think its  one  teaspoon per 250grms fondant.  you should be able to get it from any cake decorating place.  do you have a spotlight store? they have cake decorating stuff
Wow that's nice. great job. hard work.
Should be perfect -( no perishables I hope)  I made my birthday cake  on Tuesday last week, its almost nine days and still good. it was  a chocolate cake though
I don't use any cream in my  bc icing.  
Most probably because its "cheese" a softer cheese  there must be some sort of "cream/dairy" in it.   In buttercream.  its just butter  or vegetable shortening. never made curd/pudding filling.
Try placing it back in the fridge for 10 minutes and beating it.
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