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The disposable silver boards arnt that expensive. if you need a thicker board like the Masonite ones.  why don't you buy some MDF board and cut them to size (of course you need an electric saw, a little jig-saw one should do) you can cover it with any type of wrapping paper. If you do this you have to place a cardboard circle immediately under your cake. Otherwise like the previous person said in bulk and save.
Thank you
Can some one tell me if this pattern is done using a cricut machine or how?  Just curious. I don't think its a stencil.  tks.  
Most sri lankan/Indian grocery stores will have  rosewater essence/flavouring. (star brand). you also get the "queens" brand rosewater in the super markets in the isle where they sell cake ingredients, colouring etc.
Thanks Devinecc.  just ordered a pair  for only  A$ 2.38 on ebay. Now i got to look out for a long knife.
Did I mention anything about "fat" in my post? I don't think so " Enga"  that recipe isn't mine. Not sure what you are referring to.
I make a lot of pound cakes. far too much of baking powder in this recipe. I would add only 4teaspoon baking powder for this quantity of flour - for sure. (also about 8eggs)  failing which check your oven door beading (rubber strip)  2 tablespoons of Vanilla?????   2tsp  (teaspoons) should do.  there is far too much of liquid. one cup milk is more than enough, in my opinion. What temperature are you baking it at  and for how long?  I would say  180 degrees.  I would bake...
When u take the cake out of the fridge give it a quick thin coat of icing, so that ur rosettes have something to hold on to. sometime back a similar thing happened to me. the icing on the cake was dry and the moment I studded the cake with bc stars, it kept falling off. this may be the problem. OR yr icing is too soft. whats the temperature over there. high humidity?
When I don't know how much of batter I need for a particular pan, I place the pan on  the  scale , set it to zero, pour water to the brim of the pan , and then divide the weight   by 10.  I make mostly butter/pound cakes/chocolate cakes. i.e  if the pan hold 2000gms  divide by 10 = 200gms x 4 (egg,flour,butter &sugar) that particular pan can hold upto 800gms of ingredients approximately.
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