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       the pattern at the bottom of the cake, pls.
  Howsweet.?  Good thinking batman
 OMG  I was thinking the same, when i first read it.
If its only butter cream, just leave it in the box on the bench.  (is there anything perishable in it?)     I cut and paste all the time. never have they moved. if  you are scared send a skewer through and take it out before serving. Glue it well to the board with icing and it shouldn't move. if the trains are too heavy like the above said, place some dowels in the cake, right underneath where you will be placing them
2parts dark chocolate to 1part cream.  you should be able to use the ganache for filling and covering as well.  eg.  600gm chocolate  300mls cream.  Like Denise said get onto utube, lots of tutorials and recipes too.
Hi Just saw this mini 3 tier cake pan. I think its cute.  I make cakes from scratch.. so here goes my way. put the pan on a scale. adjust to "0"  then just fill one cavity with water and weigh it.  eg. it weighs 1000gms  take 10%  (use 100gms of that for your main ingredient)  since I make mainly pound cakes and similar it works for me. I would use  100gms butter,100gms sugar,100gms flour,100eggs.  I should say that my cakes are abt 3 - 31/2" height.   Should you follow...     Watch this . elmo cake topper
The disposable silver boards arnt that expensive. if you need a thicker board like the Masonite ones.  why don't you buy some MDF board and cut them to size (of course you need an electric saw, a little jig-saw one should do) you can cover it with any type of wrapping paper. If you do this you have to place a cardboard circle immediately under your cake. Otherwise like the previous person said in bulk and save.
Thank you
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