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If you are planning on doing the swirls using strands of fondant, let me tell you that i get about 15 - 20 thick strands at a time using a "stringhopper mold" this mold is found in asian shops, especially in sri lankan/asian shops. its about $20/= It comes with a couple of discs about 4 or five. should you use this mold, it will save you on time. and it will be less painful on your hand. i have one and i use it all the time, especially for making "hair", thick strands,...
How about adding some chocolate sprinkles - just a thought
Wont the ribbon be crumpled up, once you squeeze it ?
Will you be covering the cake with fondant, after applying the ganache? If so apply like you would apply butter cream, that how i do it. Keep it for a couple of hours to harden. i apply some sugar syrup very, very lightly all over the cake and then the fondant.
Sorry to hijack, but would one have to grate the sides of the cake with this microplane to have the exposed sides or how woud you do it, may i know please
I dont have this cricut machine, but i think it only cuts the shapes you want and doesnt print - its a cutting machine. Am i correct, any one?
What about other vegetable shortening brands. copha, solite. I normally make only with butter. But i have heard of these brands as well
I love licking the bowl after every cake i make. yum. As for raw egg. i was brought up on raw egg. i had to swollow one almost every day, mum said it was good , so i did it - we never heard of salmonella at that time.
You should be able to put them directly on the cake. a couple of times if i thought they were going to stretch., i will place them in the freezer for 5 minutes, pick them up and place them on the cake.
Looks like a corn flower blue/delphine Not sure whether wiltons makes this colour any more tried to get it several times but failed. otherwise a little skyblue with a bit of white like the above person stated.
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