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I have decided to this cake in fondant ( i inquired about this cake a couple of weeks ago as i was going to do it only in bc) can some one tell me how i do the back ground. is the blue part done with petal/luster dust? Could it have been done with an airbrush or spray can? I dont have an air brush. the spray can blue is not light. my question is how do you do this and what do i use to do it. Thanks in advance. much...
is your cake 2" in height. 45 -55 minutes is ok. are you placing it in the middle shelf? test after 45 mins and there after check every 5 to be sure. at most times the cakes separates from the pan when its done - this is my experience. practise, practise and practise
First of all you havent said what sort of cake you are hoping to make and what filing are you using. Is it perishable filling?If it doesnt have perishable filliing you should be able to make the cake acouple of days before the event. i have never used modelling chocolate. i am sure it should be like fondant. keep it out. I hope someone here can help you further.
The blue spray on, i was told was a bit too dark for the pic. that was my first choice. thanks anyway. i have never used them. wonder if any one else has used it and got a very fine, light spray.
I am not too sure whether you can get it on line, but if you walk into an indian/sri lanka grocery store, you can get it from there. if you google it, click on images and you should be able to see what it looks like. i can send you pics of it, if you cant find it. Alternatively, do you have a electric mincer. that too should be able to do the same job. It comes with different discs. (see that it is washed well) good luck
Thank you all for your tips, more welcome. i wish i new the person who made this cake and asked them. shall give the petal dust a try or even light blue luster dust a try.Tried the swirls of light blue butter cream, mmm ok, but still doesnt look like the picture. thank you once again for your prompt response edited to provide working link.)This is the pic that i am talking about. Thank you.
Can some one help me please. i need to make this cake for my nephew, can you tell me how i can make this background, the blueish parts. i dont have an air brush so thats out, any other tips most welcome. i will be doing it in butter cream (only butter not shortening) is it powder colour, gel, etc
edible varnish, or give it a good coat of vegetable shortening. gently rub it all over.
If you are planning on doing the swirls using strands of fondant, let me tell you that i get about 15 - 20 thick strands at a time using a "stringhopper mold" this mold is found in asian shops, especially in sri lankan/asian shops. its about $20/= It comes with a couple of discs about 4 or five. should you use this mold, it will save you on time. and it will be less painful on your hand. i have one and i use it all the time, especially for making "hair", thick strands,...
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