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Pls. disregard this, its by mistake, it ended up here.
Thanks very much will give it a try
I agree AZC. I was trying to hide the fruit bowl!!  but the  box covered in foil helped a lot with the lighting and for the first time I got the colours in a photo correctly because of the foil. Next time I might use cake boards for the back drop.
Thanks all for your input. this is how it  came out. (had some help from the internet too)  aah, it wont let me post the picture, not sure why. shall put it in the gallery.
Thanks Sunshine. ok only now I understood why it was so confusing.... I thought that batman cakes covered in    fondant had to be grayish,   .  spiderman red and wonder woman had a particular shade of red. I am talking of the colour  of fondant    to cover     the cake - not the characters. trust my question is clearer now
Thanks for your reply AZC. my question is, are Spiderman and wonder woman  the same shade of red  Colour. I have looked at lots of pics. I am wondering whether w.woman has a slightly different shade of red.. TIA.  my cake is going to be red, gray,red 3tiers
Please help me!, I need to make a spiderman,batman n wonder woman  3tier cake. is the colour of wonder woman  redish orange OR is it the same colour a spiderman? need to go to the shops to buy fondant. TIA
The straws which I get are 8" long. I get them from local Asian shops.  3/= for one hundred
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