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Thanks for your reply AZC. my question is, are Spiderman and wonder woman  the same shade of red  Colour. I have looked at lots of pics. I am wondering whether w.woman has a slightly different shade of red.. TIA.  my cake is going to be red, gray,red 3tiers
Please help me!, I need to make a spiderman,batman n wonder woman  3tier cake. is the colour of wonder woman  redish orange OR is it the same colour a spiderman? need to go to the shops to buy fondant. TIA
The straws which I get are 8" long. I get them from local Asian shops.  3/= for one hundred
If you are baking the "whole" double qty in the 10"sq pan, I would say 1hr 05mts. if its 10r 1hr 15mts and if you are baking it twice 30mts each at 180 degrees
So far so good. I have used bubble tea straws on 2-3tier cakes
I use bubble tea straws, so far so good (2 - 3 tiers)
 I would say approx. 5kgs with the icing for chocolate buttercream cake for 12"  cant be more. tell her it serves 56pcs and not to go by weight. if you cover it with fondant add another kg to it.
If you have more fondant, why don't you give it another  thin layer of fondant over this.  It happened to me last week and that's what I did.
Approximately 30 each.  I get on to google and enlarge the No. 5 cake tin, height to be approx. 14" (I believe that's the height of the pan, place some baking paper over my computer screen and draw over, to make a template. assuming the size of each piece is 1x2x height I draw it on the paper and get my number of pieces.  hope I haven't confused you.
I haven't done it, but if I had to may use some tulle or netting.
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