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Ok , ok, I will take it out the night before. Thank you all, you have been very helpful. shall post pics next week.
Ok. I will freeze it.  Not for customer. its for my husband's nieces' engagement. Since I will be decorating it the following Saturday, most probably I will take it out Thursday night to be on the safe side. scared because its a heavy cake and if it doesn't thaw in time, not sure how I am going to cover and decorate it. I will be applying salted caramel frosting....wish me luck!! I made a little one last month, and kept it for almost week and ate it. it got better with age...
Mcaulir Thanks for your response.  will there be any harm, if I don't freeze it? and keep it wrapped on the bench from this sunday till nxt Saturday, decorate and deliver on sunday. tia
clay extruder, I bet
I agree too, it looks better at the bottom
Isnt this edible lace, like chantilly lace, etc. done with a silicone mat and sugarveil icing
I intend baking and freezing a 12" n 8" caramel mud cake this sunday. when should I take it out of the freezer to fill, cover and decorate. cake has to be given the following sunday. I have frozen butter cakes but never a mud cake. do mud cakes take longer to thaw than sponge/buttercakes? any advice is much appreciated. thanks.
Thank you.
Can some please tell me how this is done. Have they used a lace mold? if so, whats the make. TIA 
For my LV handbag,  I printed out the logo, cut it out, placed it on to half of a cut potato and curved the logo, shape, etc. once it was done, I applied gold paint on to it , and pressed it on to the cake. I had to neaten with a fine brush and paint. .Improvise  if you cant get edible print outs, impression mats, etc.. HTH
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