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I have looked everywhere for a template for a mens tap shoe, cake cental only 1 page of cakes really on tap shoes and most are girls.. I just need a small 3 d tap shoe, does not even have to be cake,  but it needs to be a mans shoe./.. I have shoe cutters at home, but cant figure out how to convert them to look like mens..   Anyone done this before?
its what i use, its awesome compared to other brands.. there is no perfect fondant out there in my opinion but as far as price this is my pick.
right... also for those of you who use american buttercream, do you still do a dam? with 3 layers or 4 of cake??on each layer?
question for those who torte (4 layers). if you use american buttercream, and i use a thick dam of it around each layer, then fill the layer with buttercream.. how do you go about doing this thick dam with 4 layers, that seems very time consuming and when i go back and fill the outside gaps like putty it seems like that would be hard doing that on a 4 layer cake?   do you all dam your 4 layer wedding cakes ? for those using american buttercream only, please answer as...
Also one more question, I have also ordered the brown grease proof liners from them, HOWEVER, they did not come in a hard plastic shell to keep there shape, they came in plastic wrap and then I couldnt use them once they opened and sat for a while, because theyre shape got bigger and then i had the folds/creases in my pans when i tried to bake with them.  They were good for when i first opened them, kept there shape, but after that they stretched out...   What do you...
do the taller ones fit in the clam shell containers? does anyone know? without the icing being smooshed?
yes shiny metal object thingy is awesome! but my new favorite tool is an app on my iphone called the tiered caker, i just put in my serving number and it gives you a bunch of size options to tell your client. I love it, cost 8 bucks and well worth it for an on the go type of person like myself:)
ok thank you:)
yes, i use a crusting american buttercream, and the plaque was a fondant circle with a smaller circle on top of it with a letter, about the size of a coke can top maybe larger.. but i am wondering how people attach giant bows to the middle sides without them falling if i cant even get my plaque to stay with chocoloate..   no i can do small flowers n dots with no issues..
Hello, I mostly create fondant cakes but the other day I made a small cake 6 inch with buttercream and daisys and a round disk flat emblem with ladies initial on it, to be put front and center of cake. I attached the daisies with royal and they did not fall, but i attached the emble with melting chocolate because it was heavier piece. Later that day i came back and the emblem had pulled out and fallen off the cake.   How do you all get your heavy items to attach well...
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