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yes I leave the cake on the counter, not wrapped and not boxed like always till the next day when i start decorating it...   I have tasted it, everything looks and tastes normal just the icing crusted wrinkly:(   I agree with the moisture thing.. I just dont know what to do, do i need a dehumidfyer in house? its a huge open floor plan so i dont know if that would even help :(
Hello, no I let the cake settle already for 24 hours before frosting, its the WASC recipe i always use and there is no slippery filling, just buttercream....   So upset over this.. I am going to have to change my recipe and see if it still happens. Maybe use milk instead of water now. I feel it has something to do with the new house.. maybe the air is dry or something. Just very sad about this since its wedding season and this keeps happening
Please help, this is the second time I have posted about this issue because its still happening. I am using the same american buttercream recipe as always , water, powd sugar, high ratio and real vanilla, BUT we have moved to a new larger home??   Do you think this has anything to do with it, the air or something?? I am so distraught because the cake was perfect and then next morning after sitting it is ripply wringle around it all over, I cannot let this keep...
hello, I have used the same recipe for 3 years and never had an issue.. I iced a sheet cake and a ball cake over the weekend for my friend, smoothe it with hot scraper and then viva, smooth as silk, let it sit for 24 hours, came home the next day and the cakes were wrinkled, like they had been in a bath tub too long! The sheet cake not as wrinkly but it had cracks in the icing..   Can anyone tell me what happened? I use high ratio shortening water vanilla...
NO, i wish... I hope there are some good stories out there from people to give me hope.. i dont see how anyone can make 50k or more alone doing cakes... I am super busy as my side job and cant even make half of that... even if I was booked every day, i dont see how I could make enough/...
wonderful! thank you again:)
love your trees!! awesome job! Could you share how you made them? Also how did you secure the tree inside the cake so it was stable and didnt fall, it looks super heavy ?
I have looked everywhere for a template for a mens tap shoe, cake cental only 1 page of cakes really on tap shoes and most are girls.. I just need a small 3 d tap shoe, does not even have to be cake,  but it needs to be a mans shoe./.. I have shoe cutters at home, but cant figure out how to convert them to look like mens..   Anyone done this before?
its what i use, its awesome compared to other brands.. there is no perfect fondant out there in my opinion but as far as price this is my pick.
right... also for those of you who use american buttercream, do you still do a dam? with 3 layers or 4 of cake??on each layer?
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