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Hello fellow CCers! I am a little disapointed in the CC magazine these days with only 1-2 tutorials in the entire thing. Lot of pics, but no explanation of size or what was used to create the look. Are there any magasines out there that have more tutorials to learn from as well ??I have bought many books so i know there are books out there, i just look forward to my monthly mag?~Shannon
I like the magazine, although pretty expensive, BUT there are too many pictures without tutorials or information on what they used to achieve that look. In my opinion the mag needs more insight, and how to's, PLEASE. ~Shannon
Great!! thank you for the ideas! and information, life saving, LOL
So do we need to remix the batter once its been thawed or taken out of frig??
wonderful!! thank you soo much!
Thank you so much i will try this one! Do you leave this sit out overnight?? all my recipes are ones to sit out and non perishable, so i want to make sure i do things correctly. this is for a fondant cake also, which i dont like to refrigerate...does it hold under fondant??
please help, everytime it seems i try to adapt an icing to cream cheese, i see tiny breaks/cracks in it. Anyone have a good cream cheese crusting buttercream recipe that does not need refrigeration..i have tried severalThansk!!
stick a wooden skewer in him and down into the cake, or a few even for balance..
My wrinkly cracks happened all with sams club buttercream, but not always..maybe someone over there doesnt always make it quite right??? I am trying indebis today, and then sharons later because i dont have any high ratio right now... Lets figure this out!
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