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thanks sooo much!
anyone know about the eggs in the WASC recipe? can i use a substitute or is that have gluten?
You all are life savers!! thanks you all sooo much, I will def be trying all your recipe substitutions, thanks!! ~ShannonWASC idea with the sour cream sub is awesome idea, i was wondering if anyone had tried the vegan sour cream, perfect, thanks for sharing!
thank you soo much for your help! I will need to stack it, do you think this is ok? Also, if i use a buttercream recipe with soy butter, p suger, crisco, flavoring, I think i can make a buttercream for it? am i missing anything? i have never attempted something like this so I am hoping to not mess it up.. So i will need gluten free baking powder and no choc chips right..also have you tried any white cakes gluten free with no dairy? I am guessing i can substitute the eggs...
i see there are recipe for one or the other but i need this to hold up for stacking? and dairy free adn gluten..any ideas?
have a request for a gluten and dairy free cake? What is this and how do I start? i usually use wasc recipe? i have googled it but still unsure of what it is i need to do.. thanks!! please help
Thanks hollyml! that is a good tip! i will just start putting them on a smaller cake pan turned upside down!
Thanks for your response! I do have a cake lifter also, and i do put each cake on its own small board, but maybe im sealin gthe bottom too much or leaving the fondant too try to cut it short so that the bottom edge of icing doesnt push out..
Hi fello ccers! Everytime i make lets say a car cake and coverin fondant, let sit, then try to move it onto a larger sheet cake, upon the move the edges tear/crack lift up..same if it was decorated in buttercream only and im moving a 6 inch onto an 8 inch.. i have a sturday board under each time but does not help. I try using a flat spatula and everything but i guess the icing is attaching itself to the larger board its sitting on..Any ideas? i cant get a perfect cake...
Thank you all sooo much!!
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