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Hello, I have an order for a cake I have never done before, it will be fondant covered, with these swirls on it. Im assumign I should use royal icing but any tips on consistency, how to create these so they are not messy, and what tip to use would be great!! please
I would charge between 100-200 dollars. Depending on the job..
I am in Jefferson County, WV about 40 minutes from you and would love to start a cake club!! let me know if you get more people interested, there is nothing near us:(   Shannon
hmmm great ideas, do you think it would be stable enough just to use a pillar (SPS) and jam it into the front of cake, build it up for a neck and stick a head on top, without it falling??
thank you:) yeah i was hoping not to use a drill and im afraid of choc or super glue not holding to the board. Im surprised no one has any other suggestions though.. My son may not get this cake ahhaah
My 11 yr old wants a scary dragon cake for bday this weekend, all the tutorial link I have found seem broken, except the one that uses a drill n pvc pipe.   I do not want to use a drill, can anyone who has done a 3D dragon cake with a neck n head help me out? how are you getting the neck and head to stay?   I know not every photo i see is a drilled pvc pipe. But i cannot figure out or find any tutorials on how to make this dragon shape stay.   Thank you in advance!!!
thanks everyone, I will definitely check these out! and a special thanks for the photos!! that helped alot!
thank you for responding! I saw that marpole one online and was wondering about it. Some reviews say the screws are hard to get in and dont match up? Can you reduce the size of the 7 tiers if you just need 4 or 5 tiers? also how hard it it to assemble each time? thanks!
Im looking to invest in my second cupcake tower for wedding. I have looked on amazon and etsy, and see various ones, on amazon they dont get great reviews. Anyone love there tower? and where did you get it?   Im looking at wooden ones and acrylic, 4 to 7 tiers..thanks!
to me it looks like a 7/9/11/13
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