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thank you, that cart is a must have! I am thinking of all types of uses for it:)
Hey guys! Im designing a cake kitchen and I would love to see how you all set yours up with your stainless tables and shelving and any organizing? I need ideas:) thank you!  photos anyone?? please!!!
well I currently work on a huge island, bigger than 36 by 76.. but all the stainless tables ive found are much smaller, so im   thats a good idea for storage shelving, to use for the cakes instead of a table.. it has more room but smaller width.. Ill have to look into see if that can work.. I love my stainless shelving from sams..
good idea, I hadnt thought of the photog spot, I already have plastic airbrush table area that is a regular size folding table. So I found 24 by 60 stainless and 30 by 60 inch stainless.. are these too small...   So I need about 4 stainless tables, Icing table, finished product table, fondant working mat table and photog area...
Hello, I just put the floors in my new cake business and need help figuring out what size of stainless tables I need and how many. I have most of the room table with stainless shelving and product/ frig etc.. So the middle is where Im adding my decorating tables, I need a size big enough to roll out fondant, and then another one to hold my 3 mixers and icing..   Can you all think of any other reason I would need more than 2 large ones, and what size do you all prefer??
vanilla pound cake with whipped ganache in middle, then buttercream on outside? My hesitaion in doing everything in ganache is im covering with white fondant on a small area.. and that could go back quickly..   Maybe just use it as filling. Im hoping the judges dont expect something too intricate for flavor because most competition cakes dont get tasted.. but I also dont want to underwhelm them with a simple pound cake..
thank you guys! actually the requirements are 3 tiers minimum, i have 3 hours only, and they will be TASTED and judged on looks n taste, UGG!!:( I plan on practicing for sure, just wasnt sure of any competition tricks anyone had.. for bulge and stability when there is no time for settling.   I will have to put in a filling, I was thinking of pound cake, with a delicious filling, but thats not my normal, I usually use wasc. Any ideas of stable but delicious filling for...
I have been asked to compete in a tri state area cake decorating pastry edition competition. We bring baked cakes and have 3 hours to do a 3 tier decorated cake... everything must be done on site. NOW, my problem,, I use all fondant, I chill me cakes for 10 min before i add fondant... now this competition will have a tiny working space and no freezer.. i will have to ice the cakes, roll out fondant and apply all at once..   any suggestions if this can work for me.. I...
trying to revive this thread? Who likes there dinkie doodle airbrush and why? compare it to regular duff brand or pegasus or kopykake please? My pegasus just bit the dust and I feed a replacement:)
hijacking the thread but.. is there finally a way to search within your own 'saved' photos? I have hundreds of saved likes, but can never find the one im looking for without sorting through 100 tabs... Id love a search feature there, hint:)
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