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this is wonderful news! I have also been looking for this mold!:) yay!
Yes exactly what she said. Love mine for big jobs and does not leave any lines. I dont know how to not get lines on large jobs if you dont have this. One question for those who have it, have your handles gotten loose and how do you fix that? Cuppadee?
do you guys then have to keep your fondant cov cake in frig? Im not familiar with IMBC or any other similar style, so just asking ? I would assume they would melt if not kept cold all the time..
the old link for the helipops diaper bag tutorial is still broken, does anyone have a copy of the tutorial still?? please and thanks!
no its loopy to look like yarn... curls of yarn:(
Hello, I have an order for a sock monkey cucpake cake, its the one where the cupcakes are lined up on a  board in the shape of a sockmonkey, with brown curly icing fur. I cant figure out what tip or how they used it to get the effect? I would attach photo but i cant get it to load.       Anyone?
yes, and I was not impressed.. I so wanted to love it.. I tried, salted caramel, pistacio, lemon and was just ok..
O , I see, I thought the whole cruise was reserved for just cake people.. I misunderstood!! Are you going this year?
o wonderful!! ok so the food and everything is good just like a regular cruise would be? I just want to make sure nothing is sacrificed just because its a cake cruise? Is the size of ship good and the accomodations?   I am def thinking of going on this one, just waiting for the class list to post..
yep I totally agree and the silver will be much easier that way! thanks:)
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