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This is my second "2" to make for a cake topper and both of them are too heavy on the top and end up cracking on the lower left corner/curve at the very bottom. I know that it has to do with balance but do you have some pics to share of your number 2 cake topper? Do I need to make the corner and bottom of the number a fatter sausage than the top part? Thanks for your help!!!
Rae, thank you so much for the information. I use Wilton's crusting BC. I hate to risk droopiness. I have already mentioned to the customer that she might have to place the things on there. I just hate delivering a cake halfway finished. I may try to glue the topper together so that she just has to set it on the cake and make several little bouquets around.This is the inspiration... you all for such wonderful tips!!!
[quote="ooCUPPYCAKESoo] im thinking you'll be better off with the gumpaste for the name and topper especially if you're delivering it 24h before and let them fully dryyand for the others i think maybe mix some fondant and gumpaste but if you dont have a good fondant or are trying a new fondant dont take a chance with this cake just stick to gum pasteand find yourself a better fondant the can be a bit not stiff enough i find for on cake and accents[/quote]For some reason,...
Oh you are so does NOT have a good flavor. I need it for leaves, vines, # topper, and a 3D name. I need flowers too but I think that they'll be ok with the other, better tasting fondant and they'll most likely be eaten anyway.Satin Ice a good fondant but probably not for decorations and accents that need to harden.
Hi all! Thanks in advance for your tips and advice. Here's my worries...For my dimensional decorations (numbers, names, bow loops, corkies, etc.), I've been using Satin Ice and Duff's fondant and mixing in Tylose Powder to make it harden more and harden quickly. Well, they seem to be ok until I put them on a BC cake. They QUICKLY rehydrate and wilt! next weekend I need fondant decorations (flowers, vines, and leaves, 3D letters and number topper) and I have to...
Agree....helps to start with ANY shade lighter than what you're wanting to achieve the darker shade. Yes, Americolors are great because of their convenience, concentration, etc. Yep, have to use almost the whole bottle of anything to get red, red! Sometimes, I add a touch of Wilton "Rose" color to get a pretty red. Forgot that HL was selling Americolor now...thanks for the reminder!!!!!!! )))))) Another thing that I tried that works...adding a little cornstarch to...
Yes, it will harden VERY quickly if the apples are refrigerated. Try it on a few a see. My cracked chocolate coating could be due to humidity and/or chocolate; it can all be temperamental. One thing that I do is once the chocolate sets a bit but is still soft, go around cake ball or apple with a toothpick to "cut" off excess. Keep me posted! Of course, drizzles can cover up a multitude of sins too. LOL
Would edible sheets to wrap around the cake be possible? Not a fan of them but it would save having to smooth the icing to perfection. Tokazodo's idea of someone else baking is an awesome idea. Wonder if someone in the family is a good baker? ))))
There's a no taste red that you can use. Also, make it ahead. Color darkens slightly.
I guess you got all of this figured out by now.
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