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I have not yet tried ganache under fondant and would love to try it. Can anyone give me a good recipe for white chocolate ganache? I have searched but cannot find one. Thanks!
I am new to cake decorating and I have a wedding cake to do in May. The bride wants their monogram with scroll work on both sides. I have a mold for the scroll work, but what is the best way to make their initials? Are there molds for that and if so, where do I find them. I have looked on different websites but have not found any. I appreciate all your help!
Thank's guys, for all the great suggestions! I think I may try melting the chocolate and writing the C's. Sounds the easiest! What a help ya'll are!!
I am doing a wedding in May and they have requested 360 mini cupcakes decorated with buttercream. They also want little "C's" for their last name on each cupcake. What would be the best time-saving way to do this? That's alot of C's!!
Thank you! I like the doctored just because they are easier, but either is fine. Thank you for the link!
I am a pretty much a newby to cake making and I have a client that requested an Italian Creme Wedding Cake. Can someone suggest a good recipe that is study enough and will withstand handling and stacking?
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