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I am doing a cake with a basketball sitting on a basketball court and need to make it with a shiney woodgrain look. How do I get the shiney effect?
Thanks! I will try that.
Here is the picture.
Sorry, I cant get the picture to load. In the picture, the cake is a 3 tiered cake with an ivory band of dragees around each tier with different sizes of dragees scattered above and below. The dragees on the band are small and dense while the ones above and below are only scattered here and there around it.
What would be the easiest way to do these dragee bands around the cake? I cant tell by looking but are they glued to a ribbon or are they attached directly to the cake? I have a client that wants this effect on her cake and I've never done this before. I tend to do things the hard way so looking for advice on the easiest way to do this. Thanks so much! I don't know what happened. I would not display the page. Let's see if this works>
Can anyone tell me how to get the image effect on this cake? It's the one at the bottom with the turkey feathers and hunter. Also, can anyone tell me how to make rice paper turkey feathers? I understand there is a kit you can buy. Thanks fo any help!!
What kind of ice cube trays? Are they metal? Wont plastic trays melt with the heat of the sugar?
I am pretty new to cake decorating and have never worked with isomalt. I have a request for a beer bucket cake and it has "ice" on top. I assumed this is made with isomalt. Can anyone tell me how to make "ice" using isomalt or is there another way???? Thanks to anyone who can help me!
Thanks so much! Can't wait to try it!
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