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I would carve it out of a long cake, I would not cut out it of small circles.  With small circles, you run the risk of the filling and icing, settling and then you get ridges.  I would carve it and ganache it for a smooth finish when covered with fondant.  You could make the top out of red fondant/gumpaste. HTH
Yes I think it will be too small. If you cut out 2 inch diameter circle and put in on your 6 inch pan you will see the size differential.  The design is not very intricate, why not cut it out of fondant/gumpaste. :)
I had to do a tree trunk, I frosted in chocolate buttercream and then I melted chocolate on a cookie sheet, I broke it into pieces when it cooled and used it as bark, just stuck in on. this was one of the first cakes I made and I still love the bark.     ..
I made the girls by rolling fondant flat and thick and cutting it out with an exacto knife. I down loaded the pictures of the girls from on line and used it as my template.  I did it in parts, the body, the head, legs...and added hair and details.  I used a toothpick to stick the head on.  the rest is glued on with chocolate melts.
I made them by
It's beautiful!
There is an edible silver pen (it's described as being kind of like a pen/brush) but I would imagine you would need to use it on fondant.  You can just google edible silver icing pen 
I think your buttercream needs to be thicker for some of the flowers. I think your borders look good and I love the fleur de lis you did.  Why not take the Michael's classes you could use the coupon and get a % off.  I think they are great for a beginner.  And most of all, just keep piping skills are not so good, but I just kept making cakes and learning and found the areas I do better in (definitely not buttercream!)  There are also tons of tutorials on...
I had the same problem with my chocolate cupcakes...I raised the oven temp for the first 5-8 minutes and then lowered it back down.  It worked perfectly!
If you google "sculpting my little pony out of clay" I think you will get some great pictures/tutorials.
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