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I saw one tutorial  where they used a styrofoam wedge under the top part, then just hid it with the legos. I think I would do that .
I personally would use 50/50 fondant gum paste.  Looks like they covered rice krispy treats.  If she wants all cake, then just sculpt them out of cake.  I would use half of the wilton ball pan for mouse ears hat
I saw someone do cookies in a box that looks like a book.  This was for a teacher and the cookies were all "school" themed.  It was very cute! 
I've done a lip stick lying on it's side.  It did not "crack" open.  However, I would suggests using ganache under fondant.  I used buttercream and you could see the indents between the layers due to it settling over time. Good luck
why don't you  print out a few different sized logo and lay it on the pan to see the layout and if you like the size.  I'd due 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches for the cupcakes
Just put white fondant behind it.
I do like my giant cupcake pan because you can make a super nice candy melt shell in the bottom which is always fun.  But if you don't want the expense then just's pretty straight forward and depending on how you are frosting the top - it's pretty forgiving.  Just an FYI...if you do buy the pan, personally I like to bake the top and bottom separately because I feel the top always bakes quicker than the bottom and use a flower nail in the bottom part.   :)
I think you did a great job. Not crazy about their color choices but your work looks super!
 I didn't realize the black one was a cake!  I can't zoom in but those look more like circles. Probably put circles on back of fondant and create the panel prior to putting it on cake.
Shanter- you are so right!!!
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