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Hi - I've been asked to make a chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream frosting. I have never done this before. I have seen some of the recipes for making a stabalzied whip cream. As far as the filling, do I need to do one that makes it more of a jam or am I ok just putting down some of the whipped cream frosting and placing sliced strawberries on it? I realized that the strawberries have to have been dried a little so they don't leak water. Please help ......
He has nut allergies so almond extract won't work.
Didn't think of that! I'll ask if that is something he can have Thanks!
Hi - I have a little boy who would love a birthday cake. He has crazy allergies and cannot have eggs and they do not want to use vanilla as they don't know if he is allergic. They would prefer to use whole wheat flour instead of white. Dairy is ok to use.  Any suggestions? Can I just leave out the vanilla from the eggless cake recipes I have seen and make the buttercream frosting without vanilla? Thanks in advance! Michelle
Hi - I would like to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and decorate with fondant accents for a baby shower. I understand that cream cheese frosting has to be long can they stay at room temperature and still be ok to eat if I am decorating with fondant decorations.Thanks in advance for the help!
I am trying to make a deep red frosting for cupcakes. I started with white buttercream and added a bunch of no taste red. It was very pink. I read a few places that I should add a touch of black to help. I added way too much and now the frosting is a gross dark raspberry color. I keep adding more red but it isn't helping. Is my frosting doomed and should I start over or is there something I can do to fix it??
They are three little pans that you cook individually - 4", 3" and 2". They are pretty small.
Hi - I am going to make a 3 tier cake from one of the mini pan sets. If I am covering it in fondant do I need to support each level as I would a normal cake?Thanks in advance for your help!Michelle
Wow-thanks for all of the information! I really appreciate it! To make this happen it seems like I am going to be using lots of substitutions and creativity! Thanks for all of your help!
I want to make the fondant from scratch - the only problem is I cannot find commercially made marshmallows that do not have corn starch in the ingredient list. I figure if I can find a home made marshmallow recipe without corn starch I can get around the problem.
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