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Is there a specific way I should attach a ribbon to the bottom of each tier?
I get your drift. You couldnt pay me enough cakes. Gottcha!
just re read your post. its too soft! woops. sorry. I never had a problem with it. Sorry for your frustration.
I love Duff stuff black. On the side of the container it says to microwave for a few seconds on like power 3 or something and it was fine for me.
Should I combine my milk chocolate chips with my unsweetened bakers chocolate?
I am making chocolate ganache to pour over a cake. I have unsweetened chocolate or milk chocolate chips. I assuming to use the milk chocolate. Now do I do the 1:1 ratio to pour it easily or the 2:1?? Thanks
You dont have to defend your self. Im sure she hadnt taken any offense to your not liking her buttercream. If you dont like it dont use it! This only has great suggestions. Beware of CC police! haha They like to turn a thread just for the sake of argument.
I made a small peacock feather cake. I did the feathers in different colors of fondant and then scored the centers with a knife. Piped the outside. Its in my photos if ya wana take a gander....
I saw some wires the other day and I thought they were at Michaels craft store. Duff Stuff I believe...
I did the Toy Story logo and I just printed it off, cut out the letters and placed them on the fondant. Used an x-acto knife and cut around so the letters were exact.
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