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Ok it is under MY Photo's! It's the first and white. The lady wants the green in BC and white in fondant. How do I make the fondant symmetrical around all 3 tiers?
I can't figure out how to put the picture on won't let me put it under add attachement?
A lady called me wanting me to make this cake next week! Apparently the lady who was making her cake just QUIT! So she is in a panic....And I'm not completely sure how to make the white part of the cake and it be symmetrical..... HELP! Is there a pattern or something? I feel bad for the lady.....
Thanks so much! Its nice to hear from someone who has been in the same type of competition.
I would be happy to help...but the link is blocked
I am entering a competition being judged by Duff Goldman and I wanted to enter two cakes a "fun" cake and a tiered cake. For the fun cake I wanted to do a barn yard theme but I want it to be impressive and not ordinary. Any ideas?My other idea for the fun cake would be to do a Flintstones cake. I have checked with the competition manager and its ok for it to be a licensed brand. Help?
We are new at this.... we haven't bought the supplies yet (pillars included). The lady wants a quote? 1st wedding cake that we've done...doesn't look hard and I'm sure it won't take that long it's fairly simple design? But we do realize that baking, icing, etc does take time....we just don't have a clue what a cake that size should be priced at?
Sizes are 14, 12, 10. Buttercream all over with WASC with strawberry, chocolate/buttercream, WASC with buttercream.The link to the picture is below it would not upload as an attachment
Thanks so much I will probably end up getting one of those>
I am looking for an air brush machine, but I am not sure what kind to get, brand, ect. I am not a professional baker I just make cakes as a side job.
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