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Hi everyone,I need to purchase an airbrush, have been saving up for quite a while. I am wondering if there is a recommended make or particular name of airbrush which gives a better performance? I live in London UK. I have a budget of £100-£200. Also is there certain makes of colours for certain airbrushes or can u use any liquid colours in any airbrush?Would really appreciate any advice,Thank u so much
i have just baked 3 yellow sponges. I will be carvin them in the morning, but have no box, tub or tin to store the cakes.....can i wrap them in cling film to prevent them going stale or does this make them go mouldy and sweat?? it is only overnight that i need to keave them.thank u
hello, I have been asked to make a christening cake, three tiers. They want the middle tier to be an 8 inch round fruit cake and top and bottom cakes sponge. Is that possible if I dowl it properly? Also, the fruit cake is already made and matured but is only 2 inches high, I want the other tiers a bit taller so it doesnt look too wide and short, will it look wrong?ThanksLou
I have never used the stuff before.Can I have your opinions on it? The best make, pro's and con's etc..Thanks
I tried the wasc original recipe for cupcakes and they sank, really bad, anybody know why??
scratch custard is great!
cheers for everybodys input. Mike, I do sift all dry ingredients together. Jamie, no, that isn't the case. At times, having inserted the skewer, it gets harder to push through the problem area, it has already firmed up harder that the rest of the cake whilst in the oven, not apon cooling.The positioning varies, sometimes top, sometimes bottom, sometimes random spots throughout. I will test the BP. Its difficult to pin point, if i bake at a higher temp, it just overcooks...
im hoping that it is not the oven temp, the oven is only four months old! 140 is for a madiera racipe i use sometime, the wasc i have cooked on 180 and have tried at 170 coz its fan assisted. Thanks everybody for you thoughts, i just dont know
i have used wasc scratch recipe, thats the one that is pictured, also 2 madiera recipes. they all started doing it. I grease my pan with butter and line with greaseproof paper. I dont understand, if its undercooked, why is the skewer coming out clean? and the outside slightly over cooked? Bake at 140 - 180 degrees depending what the recipe calls for, in a fan assisted oven.
might sound really thick, but wots the difference between creamcheese frosting and all butter buttercream, doesnt the sugar preserve it outside of the fridge?
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