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I would love your tutorial please.. Thanks for sharing!
Hope this helps:
It is tomorrow but thank you.
I have this airbrush but only got it for Christmas so haven't played with it much but I do know I had the same problem- just blowing air. What you have to do is unscrew the little valve knob on the bit where it that connects to the compressor- this valve controls the PSI . Hope this helps.
This link is from the Townsville City Council website: this helps.
Sweet tooth, where exactly in Queensland are you as different council regions will have different requirements.
For the orchid cake in my photos I just used a standard cutter but splashed out on buying an Ardaval veiner, I was really happy with it.
Try this:
What about this one- without the butterflies?
Champagne Cakes in Perth have the Americolors for $2.95, try this ebay listing for them. with the corn syrup, not sure if it was you who posted this question on Planet Cake but if you are in Brisbane I have purchased the Karo brand corn syrup from Mrs Flannery's stores .
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