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so I'm a bit confused, I thought with the passing of the cottage food law you didn't have to be a business and could sell some products out of the home. So are you getting the business license, tax id, etc... so you can be listed as a business and have the benefits of that?I know that roadside farmers don't charge taxes and wouldn't that apply to this under this bill?
I can't believe you actually were interviewed by a "news" station! My jaw has literally dropped over this.
I am new to the baking business and don't have an opinion to add to this thread, but I do want to say thank you to all for your valuable information. This type of insight brings years of information to a novice that can hopefully prepare them to, at least, not be blindsided by these situations that seem inevitable.
Last night I used my cricut with the Fairy Cut software. I was very, very happy with the results. I wouldn't have purchased a cricut cake if I hadn't had the option to get the software. I really recommend everyone purchase the software now before they update and can't support the cricut machines. I would understand PC's complaint IF the machines were reasonably priced or the cartridges where more reasonably priced, but to charge so much for both products puts the craft...
Just found out that Fairy Cut version 1 that works with cricut will no longer be available after June 13, 2011!
It should work still if it worked in the past. If you update your cricut firmware to the latest then SCAL won't work with it. Also only SCAL version 1 and 2 work with cricuts, version 3 won't.
no worries, purchase Fairy Cut. I just did last night and it works great with my cricut cake! If you sign up for the newsletter you will get a 20%
hmmm, seems like some type of topsy turvy cake would work and the melted icing could be fondant made to look like it's melting down the sides. You could also make a giant dynamite and have it coming out the top actually acting as the top tier.Sounds like a lot of fun!
can you give a bit more information about the clients needs. Maybe some type of exploding cake, like it's coming out the top with the fondant peeled back???
YA!!!!!!!! This is a big deal!!!!
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