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Hi....a customer as asked me to make a Red Velvet Rum Cake, Ive never heard of that. Is it possible? Does anyone have a good recipe for me, ive looked online and cant find any. I would gladly appriciate your help.
Has anyone used Fat Daddios Cake Leveler? Cant get the Agbay yet so I was wondering if Fat Daddios was any good. Is it worth the money?
Thank you kakeladi
Can you just add pudding to the WASC recipe?
Thank you so much, I added a little bit of water and heated it up a few seconds in the microware and I was able to use it. Hopefully at my next attempt it will come out better.
I will try the water, Thank you so much for the help! I will also try making more tomorrow and see, maybe use less powder sugar I am guessing.
Hi, I tried making MMF last night, I made it, then covered it lightly with crisco and doble wrapped in plastic wrap then I put it in a Ziplock bag, left it out over night. It looked great! But when I went to use it tonight, it was crumbly, impossible to knead, if I took SMALL amounts and kept kneading it, it slowly got better.......WHAT DID I DO WRONG? To much powder sugar? Is there any why to fix this batch? I want to try again tomorrow so I was HOPING someone would...
What exactly does adding pudding to the mix do for the cake?
Thanks Brown_suga, soooo helpful!
Thanks! My cakes are moist but I am in Miami and a lot of hispanic people are used to a more "wet" cake. So I think the Simple Syrup will help with pleasing everyone. One more question, could Lorann oils be used also?
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