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Does anyone have the book - More Sugar Flowers by Paddi Clarke?
can be made of foam, rice cereal treats no more than 25%So I am okay.
Well I have my carving 75% done - have to work on some details now.My question now is - what can I put on it to smooth it out before putting on the fondant?I was wondering about drywall compound (spackling?) Does anyone have any suggestions?I DON'T want to us buttercream or anything edible as this is going to sit around for some months.
I am in Cambridge/Kitchener, Ontario and I usually order from these two places:Icing Inspirations in Kitchener - she has free shipping on Tuesdays (I believe) if your order is over a certain amount. She also has some fantastic classes with well known cake artists.The other place I order from is Flour Confections. I very seldom have a problem finding what I'm looking for.Both places are extremely reasonable and shipping is good too.
I have only ever seen one brand of isomalt string bead molds - Marina Sousa`s.I would like to learn how to make these molds or if anyone knows where I can purchase one (not Marina Sousa`s - I like hers but I want my beads closer together).
so I used the pink foam - wow so much better to work with - and you were right - dont use other glues it just eats it away!Thank you so much for the help.
don`t want anything edible.
I am making a cake for a competition and have a cake dummy that I need to carve. Unfortunately it does not carve well (little balls all over the place).Does anyone else use something other than these cake dummys (it will be approx. 9 X 9 inches) that I need.
Okay, settled on mickey mouse sitting using pcv pipe. Does anyone have any advise on using rice crispies/pcv/fondant?I'm just so afraid its not going to stay on.
I want to make a mickey mouse in sitting position around 6-9 inches high. It will be made from rice crispies and covered with fondant.I have no idea how to do the skeleton and hold the rice crispies on it.Any help would be appreciated
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