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WOW! 100.00 would have been a deal! 50 servings and gumpaste animals, I would have charged at least 225.00 (if she wanted fondant).
I have tried them all, even made it myself, but Fondyx is my absolute favorite!!!
I charge 18.00 a dozen
Thanks! We named ours Big Bertha! LOL I painted her myself.
Before and after picture!/photo.php?pid=4969459&id=152325623859
We have 2 - 5qt KA mixers and they have worked great, but we are making so many cakes we really wanted something bigger. A few weeks ago I got an email from a customer saying her mother had a very old 30qt stand mixer that used to be used in a school cafeteria and she wanted to sell it. She was only asking 100.00 and it works GREAT! It did however, look like it just came off of the titanic so I gave it a fun makeover! I love old stuff and things today are not built the...
We bought a clothes steamer and that is what we use. Works great!
Is SO excited! My partner and I who have been decorating cakes just shy of 1 year entered our first competition today and we both won first in our category and I also won overall best in show in my division! I can't wait to do another one!!!!!!
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