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Thank you for the replies. I will look for a flower group on FB.
I have just recently started making sugar flowers, such as gumpaste peonies, and was wondering how people charge for them. I live in the U.S. In the Midwest. Thank you!
I'm afraid I have come to the point where I really don't expect to see another issue. Of course, I would want a refund, but based on others' posts, that doesn't sound likely. Not sure what to do.
Thank you! That sounds like it will work!
Does anyone have a great recipe for a gluten-free lemon cake? Thanks!
Thank you so much!
Thank you! I will try it!
A question for those of you who cover cakes with ganache before applying fondant. Do you cover with buttercream before applying the fondant and after applying ganache?  What is the primary purpose of using ganache under fondant? Thank you.
Thank you for your ideas.
My nephew has asked me to make his wedding cake for August 3. Here in Missouri, the temperature that day could easily be between 90 and 100 degrees. The venue is about 40 minutes from me, and I do not have a refrigerated vehicle. I am concerned that I will have a buttercream mess by the time I deliver the cake. I would also then need to rush back home to attend the wedding, which is close to my home. Should I gracefully decline and refer him to a bakery and save myself a...
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