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Yes that has happened to me too. My cake are put together quite well and my recipe gets rave reviews, but the red wants to bleed through buttercream.
I give my brides a choice of flavors. If they have an 8 tier cake they can have 8 flavors! Their day, their choice!
Gee, Whats with all the nit picking? We all had to start somewhere. Yes 500 cupcakes is a lot, but not impossible to do. When I first started out I had an order for 5 cakes one weekend. 2 were Wedding cakes. I did it with an apartment size stove in my lower level (which is now my bakery) I did have the help of my son who is now my full time employee. I was determined to do it and I did. So if you really want to do this get a little help and plan on a couple long days (and...
I would like to here back on this one too. Maybe some helpful hints. As time goes by we are ask to do more and more elaberate figures. So far we have pulled it off well, but....We now have to do a buck and doe wedding cake topper for next week. Could use some input.
Hey everyone, I'm back with another fishy cake. Take a look and let me know what you think. Why don't I ever get the sweet cakes??!! Everyone wants outdoor themes. No girly girl, pink or purple. Well, at least I'm working.LOL
Hey everyone it's me again. Miss no confidence.LOL I posted my latest cake on Friday. Asking for input. I really want to know what other cake decorators think. I haven't been in business long enough to build my own objective opionion about my cakes. Husbands don't count. (They know what to say LOL)
I have posted a few cake pics but haven't gotten muck feedback. I really value everyones response. I guess I'm still a little unsure of myself. Please take a look and be honest. I want to improve and your comments mean a LOT.
I submitted my first cake pic about 2 weeks ago. It's a Bass. I put it in the hunting & fishing catagory. No comments have been posted yet, i was really hoping for some input. I have been doing cakes for quite a while but have never ask for comments on them. It's ok to be totally honest. Thats what I ask for. Thanks
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