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i only know that they all like to drink alcohol. Maybe i can do some rum bottles and other items. great idea
I have a client that wants a sheet cake for father's day, half chocolate and half vanilla. The dilema is they want chocolate icing on the chocolate and vanilla icing on the vanilla side on one cake. I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out a design that I can do and give them what they want. I am not a professional so any ideas would be great. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
thank you both very much. can you tell me what size pillars to get it using flowers between each layer
Hey just wondering if anyone has used the Bakery Craft Stacking System with the pillars from Global Sugar Art? was it good?? did it hold your cake up well? how does it compare to Wilton's system? Please help I want to order it for a wedding cake but I am not sure how well it will hold up
Yes I was talking about the separators. Thank you so much
that is all she sent to me and the only picture that she had. I am not sure if I can stack it using separator plates and pillars? If so what kind? Any type of help would be appreciated
      My client wants this cake but I am not sure what type of cake stand to use for this?? Please help
Thank you guys. I really appreciate it. I love cake central for that. People are always willing to help
ok can anyone tell me about how much they would charge for a cake like this. It's homemade vanilla cae with a pineapple filling
Melanie what's the name of your etsy shop? and thank you ladies let me check it out.
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