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Thanks Indydebi!! This would have been helpful cutting my mom's wedding cake a few months back! I made a huge mess and lifting wedges is not a simple task. Not to be off topic, but when I seperated the layers to cut the cake, I lost a ton of the icing off the top as is stuck to the cake board that was sitting on it. Why would that do that?
Ok, so how do I get my hands on this cake cutting guide? I dont know the method, but would love to! I am a wedge cutter.
So the TG will be soft? I havent tried TG or RI, but I make a soft sugar cookie with sour cream. I really want to be able to decorate the cookie but not have rock hard icing. Thanks for all the tips everyone!
You have to add the bright white even if you are coloring it? Sorry, never used this before and would like to try something new for my cookies this year!
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