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I've got a little girl who wants a monogrammed cake. She wants the 3 letters to stand up on the top of the cake. What is the best way to do this? Just make them free hand with gumpaste and stick them on top? Or use candy melts and pipe them and stand them up? And finally... once they're made, how do I get them to stand up? If the letters are thin, I can't really put dowels or toothpick into them (or can I?) to stick them into the cake. So do I just stick the letter...
I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can not get that nice 'swirl' on my cupcakes. What tip should I be using? I've tried 6B and 1M. Is there a certain angle I should have my tip at?Help!Thanks!!
I've made several cupcake bouquets now, and each of them have had problems with the cupcakes falling. I switched from using dowels to using popsicle sticks and I am still having issues. The cupcakes that are stuck on straight tend to slide down the sticks after an hour or so, and the cupcakes that are at an angle will just simply break in half and fall off. Any suggestions on how to keep them on and upright??Thank you!!!!
Also... to fill a cake this size, would you just cut one layer in half and fill it, or would you make two layers and stack it?Thanks for the advice!!
I am making a 1/2 sheet cake for an office baby shower. They just want a white cake so I'm making the WASC cake. What would be a good filling to go with that, that would be 'neutral' enough for an office party? (the party coordinator gave me complete freedom with this. ugh!)Thanks!!!!!
This is SO helpful! I was looking on the Wilton site for a servings chart and couldn't find it, so THANK YOU. And thanks for all the other links!!
I'm just starting out and am not very knowledgeable about how many servings you get from cake sizes. If someone wants a double layer cake to serve 20 people what size cake should I make? Does anyone have a good servings chart they go by? Thanks!!!
You all are awesome. This is so helpful! Thank you!!(I'm making cupcake bouquets for V-day for some friends. I'll post pics, so keep an eye out!) Thanks!
Thanks for the quick replies! I'm using Wilton gel dye. I waited about an hour now, and it's gotten a little darker, but still not RED. I'll look for the chefmaster coloring in the future. Do you have to get it online or can you get it in the store?Thanks!!
I'm trying to make my buttercream red and all I get is a really dark pink no matter how much red dye I put in. Is there a trick? What am I doing wrong?Thanks for your help!!!
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