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WOW! You should be very proud of yourself! The cake turned out very nice! I suspect a lot of people would have given up after that first attempt but you kept at it and made a fantastic recovery! Good job!
That is the tutorial I used for frosting my pink camo cake! It is a fantastic tutorial! I did the cake part camo too by just dropping different colored cake mix blobs in a layer of white, then another layer of white batter and more blobs. The cake will be camo too! I have that cake in my pics.
Do I feel less if I use cake mixes in my batter? Heck No! It works for me and gets the job done and people love my cakes so it is all good.I truly believe there is nothing really 'good' nutritionally about cake no matter how you make it so for my purposes it doesn't make a difference. Scratch or a cake mix....all wheat...flour...sugar...IMO not great for the body so a few additives (in box mix) probably aren't going to make it much worse. Personally, I don't make many...
I'm with the others. I am doubting she is a real friend. It almost sounds like she is trying to sabotage your business efforts. She sets you up to disappoint potential 'customers'. Not only is she doing this but because of it, they won't give you a fair try because they've had what they consider a bad experience. They are also a source of negative word of mouth reviews.I think a direct, but calm and matter of fact, confrontation is in order. If she persists then I would...
Not sure if this has been posted before but I was looking all over for a tutorial on this frosting technique. This is what I found-nice and easy!
That gal is a just a space cadet. You did the right thing. You don't need customers like that!I would have been tempted to throw a cupcake at her mid hissy. Be gone! Take that! (Splat).
You sound like a really nice person for wanting to give back some of the money BUT I would urge you to reconsider:1. You don't want to make exceptions to your contract. Word can get around about that sort of thing. The contract is to protect you in the event something like this happens and you have purchased supplies, turned down other cake orders, re-arranged your schedule etc.2. If you turned down other cakes, then think about those losses before you return any money....
WOW! I like how that looks! Thanks for the links!
I'm glad you're writing the letter. The venue needs to know how badly that server is reflecting on their business. Her attitude and mouth have the potential to not only hurt your business but theirs as well and the manager you tried to talk to didn't seem to grasp that. Hopefully your letter will get to the right person who will shape up that server or show her the door. Let us know how it turns out!
I think you should write a letter to the venue mgr too! Maybe if the mgr understands that servers that abuse the bakers equals brides not being able to contract cake bakers for their venue choice, maybe the venue mgr will catch a clue. I'd expect some kind of action because the server's behavior is outrageous.
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