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great idea..thanks!!
im doing a stacked drum cake.. im thinking of doing the technique of fondanting the sides then the top so its a crisp edge.. any ideas the best way to do this? sides first or top first or any thing lol..
lets see if the pic works this time
before they are fondanted should they be buttercreamed??
it would technically be 2 double layer 8 in cakes and 2 double layer 10/12 in cakes, so 4 cakes fondanted to be 2 cakes.. You dont think that would serve 100 people??
stupid computer
The pic is a quick paint drawing of what im doing..the top standing one is a dummy cake so it will stand..So the bottom two layers will be doube thickness to give it a more drum look (so 2 2 layer cakes seperated by cardboard for stability all covered in fondant together).. it needs to feed about 100 people.. What sizes do you guys think i should do?? a 8" and 12"??? 8" and 10"?
This is a 6,8,10,12 buttercream.. filled with alternating choco mousse and banana filling.. um not sure on hours.. i charged 295 that included the roses(she wanted me to get them instead of providing them) and posy picks from wilton (which are way to expensive lol) minus the 6in(couple was saving) it was supposed to feed 100 the banquet hall got more out of it when they cut it
those r very cute
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