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Thank YOu..
Ok I need to make a motorcycle, were you trace it on paper, out line it and then fill it in. Is gum-Tex the same thing as color Flow?Thanks as when I made the mixture with the gum tex I do not remember it looking like that.. Thanks
Hey no problem what does Meringue powder do then? Hey I an new.
I am helping my niece with her 21st birthday cake. She went and bought can frosting at the store. She wants to add small dots to the cake with fondant. Will the can frosting hold them or should I add some Meringue powder to it so it will at least have a crisp layer to it?Thanks
Ok I have read almost all of the post. Some people are saying something about Upside down trick? Does anyone have the link to to this, I could not find it. Also some people say put flower, or corn syrup in the butter cream frosting. Does it really make a difference? adding putting vinegar? Thanks
I just make this cake today, but the flowers were done a few days ago. They are butter cream. And so is the frosting, the Wilton receipt with out the milk. I do not have to give this to my daughter till tomorrow night. Should I just store it on the counter with a lid or with out.? Or put it in the frig?'Thanks
Sweet that is what I thought, but I wanted some one that knows what they are doing tell me.. Thanks so much..
I love that Idea. Would you use a pastel green like the fowers? or go alittle darker?Thank you.
I am making a cake with pastel Pink and orange flowers. Should I do the letters a different color or a different shade of the flowers?
This is will great. I know I will use it.. Thanks
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